Dr Mair Edwards
Seicolegydd Clinigol / Clinical Psychologist

01248 715005

Expert Witness Services

CATh Cyf accepts joint instructions in Proceedings that involve children (mainly child-care and contact).

We have extensive experience of assessing children and their families – including individual assessments of parents, other carers, and children. As we are able to undertake assessments of parents and children we can combine the information gathered to work as efficiently as possible. Additionally, due to having an overview of all family members we are often in a stronger position to form opinions and make recommendations in relation to attachment issues and the specific issues arising from a specific parent caring for a specific child.

Our aim at CATh Cyf is to provide good quality psychological services and an excellent service. We endeavour to respond promptly to any initial enquiries (within 24 hours during the working week), and wherever possible respond to letters of instructions without delay in order to facilitate the administrative tasks of making applications for funding. We are aware of the pressures on solicitors and Local Authorities within proceedings that involve children and we always do our utmost to work within the timetables and deadlines set.

CATh Cyf has extensive experience of undertaking assessment within court proceedings relating to the care and welfare of children – in the Family Court and in the High Court. We can undertake assessments of: parents (including very young parents and/or parents with learning difficulties); foster carers; children and young people; and members of extended families (e.g. grandparents). We can prepare assessments of emotional and behavioural development, as well as assess the impact of mental health and personality-related disorders, and alcohol and drug use, on the ability of parents to offer “good enough” parenting.

Our intention when preparing reports is to convey information from the assessment in a straightforward, easy-to-read manner, and present balanced and clear opinions with firm recommendations developed from well-considered psychological formulations.