Dr Mair Edwards
Seicolegydd Clinigol / Clinical Psychologist

01248 715005

Therapy Service

I offer therapeutic interventions across the age range – from young children to older adults – for a range of common mental health problems such as anxiety, phobic anxiety, and depression/low mood, and also specialise in training for parents and behaviour management for children.

Clients may self-refer or be referred via GPs, Social Workers, or other professionals (e.g. solicitors). Please note however that I do not accept instructions through medico-legal agencies.

I usually work within a cognitive and behavioural framework for common mental health problems. However, for individuals wishing to address problems arising from past trauma (e.g. childhood abuse, domestic violence, history of previous alcohol and/or drug abuse, bereavement, etc.) then a framework that also takes into consideration attachment strategies and how those impact on current functioning will be used.

I do not offer therapeutic services to individuals who require a multi-disciplinary approach (e.g. ADHD), or who present with serious mental illness where more specialist intervention is indicated (e.g. psychosis). I cannot offer an emergency response service.

In relation to assessments where the primary issue is in relation to education/training (rather than mental health) I recommend approaching a specialist Educational Psychologist or Occupational Therapist as they are best placed to advise pupils, parents, and schools on educational matters.

Therapy fees within the private sector are a substantial financial commitment to individuals and families who are self-funding. We therefore discuss the financial implications openly from the outset with each client. If we are of the opinion that a referral to a voluntary provider or the NHS would be more suitable then we will tell you this.